Tour Kickoff with Sol Drop


at 51 West with Sol Drop 

I caught up with Sol Drop before their West Coast Tour Kickoff show. The sun is setting over a hot, hazy, day in Tempe, Courtney Barnett plays in the distance; we dicuss the hardships and excitement of tour, the importance of DIY shows, and their debut new album "It's Alright". 

From left to right:  Brian (drums), Kathryn (guitar/vocals), Sean (bass)

From left to right: Brian (drums), Kathryn (guitar/vocals), Sean (bass)

It’s the big band dream to go on tour. I first ask about the amount of time it took to organize the tour, the group laughs - Kathryn explains, a solid 7-10 hours were put into booking each show.

From several shows in CA, to Nevada, and back to AZ in Flagstaff, Sol Drop has a number of DIY shows on their list. 


Kathryn: “We’re playing at a record store, a bowling alley, a house show, even at a deli!” 

Many indepdent artists have taken refuge in DIY shows, especially those of them touring

Brian: “DIY shows are super helpful to touring bands - they don’t really care about how many people you’re bringing in, but about supporting the artists. It’s one of the only viable ways for up-in-coming artists without big followings to start somewhere.” 

With “more shows than days” Sean exclaims, all in all the group is excited for their first major tour. 

We transition into talking about the new album, the recording process, the sound, and the creation.

Sean: “We talked about recording an album longer than it took to make it, but it was still a lot of time between figuring out what we wanted to put on it, getting the album artwork - Kathryn interjects: “Practicing with the metronome..” 

What I could best describe as Janis Joplin meets the Beach Boys, meets Fugazi, Brian explains the sound of their new album 

Brian: “You can’t define it to one category. There’s pop, there’s punk, blues, and funk. I think it’s a fun mix”

"It's Alright" will be relased 9/2 accompanied by an album relase show at Firecreek Coffee in Flagstaff. 

You can listen to Sol Drop's released single "Fake" off the album here:

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